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    Freeway Driving

    The Importance Of Safety

    Driving on a freeway is different than driving on a street in many ways. For example, on a freeway, everyone travels around the same speed, while on a street it’s more stop and go due to traffic lights, turns at intersections, and crossing pedestrians. While seemingly small in differences, there are many contrasts for freeway driving that can create opportunities for problems, crashes, and other automobile-related issues.

Freeway Ramps

When entering a freeway, road ramps are used to allow cars to get up-to-speed with the flow of traffic and merge in. It’s important to allow the cars already on the freeway the right-of-way and not impede their speed. Curved ramps are a little harder to maneuver because they require slower speed around the curve, but in order to merge in with the freeway traffic drivers should speed up rapidly when coming out of the curve.


Tailgating is a huge issue no matter where someone is driving, but while on the freeway tailgating is a bit more common. Tailgating increases the risk of a crash as it allows less time to react and stop when needed. Gauging the distance from your car to the car ahead of you is a little more difficult on a freeway due to the lack of background objects. Some objects to help estimate distance are lamp posts, bridges, and even other cars.

Lane Changing

Lane changing on a freeway is relatively the same as on streets. The major difference is that crashes are more prone to happen and are more disastrous on freeways. Local car accident attorneys constantly deal with victims of automobile crashes on the freeway because a driver did not check their blind spots before changing lanes. Checking blind spots is a very crucial safety factor that can prevent serious accidents.

Rules Of The Road

Staying Safe Should Be Top Priority

Many rules of the road are the same for freeway and street driving. But some of the rules are completely native to freeway driving while other rules only apply to streets. It’s important for drivers to know them all. Also, distractions while driving are common today, so alertness is critical to safely travel from Point A to Point B safely. In conclusion, the best way to safely drive on a freeway is to be aware of the surroundings and stay alert at all times.